Written for:  The Twiglets #46 – “still holding”

twenty minutes after hearing, “we will be right with you,”
I am still holding.

Trying to hold stillness in my heart

Scent of whiskey rose
from still holding moonshine.

Antique memories
still have a hold on me.

“Hold still,” she said
after getting shampoo in my eyes.


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Written for:  Haiku Horizons  “leaf”

multitude of leaves
looking out my front window
sprinkle down like rain


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Waters of Italy

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Haibun Monday:  water

“Water comes in many forms. It can be rain or fog, it fills the lakes and makes the brooks babble. It can seem vast and endless when you watch the sea. It brings death in flooding and life after drought. Water can be sparkling from the supermarket or simply from the tap.”

“Water can be absent in a desert or cold and hostile in winter.”



Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

In Venice, water is ever-present, canal visible from pastel building
windows to strolls through plazas and shops. Rome’s centerpiece,
Trevi Fountain, features water spouting from magnificent marble statues.
The fountain draws people in to toss coins, to wish for a return trip.
Volcanic island of Ischia presents beaches, hot springs, and jeweled waters.

That trip to Italy flows through my mind like colored waters, and neon dreams.

jays and robins romp
splashing, fluttering feathers
birdbath waters of Spring


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Written for:  Carpe Diem #1274 Ryuko-ji (compassion)

Today I have chosen one of the temples on Shikoku Island to inspire you with. This temple is named Ryuko-ji and is devoted to the Buddha of Compassion.

“Wordlessness” is (in my opinion) one of the pillars of haiku. Look at our haiku. Three lines, approximately 17 syllables and around 15 or 20 words. It’s a very short poem, but in that poem the strength is the scenes that are told about without words. So “wordlessness” is part of haiku.

at dawn
dew shimmers
morning glories

© Chèvrefeuille (“wordlessness”-haiku)

Here is my attempt:

he returns
face aglow
no words


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“into the sea”

Written for:  Carpe Diem #1273 – Into The Sea – tan renga from Jane’s beginning:

Rough Sea

melting into the sea
the full moon
leaves a candle bright                        © Jane Reichhold (1937-2016)

across the water, streaming
incandescent silk sheet                    © Sara McNulty

melting into the sea
the full moon
leaves a candle bright 

soft winter breeze cherishes
the last colorful leaves                         © Chèvrefeuille (our host)


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Written for:  Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads – Fussy Little Forms:  Shadorma
(posted by Marian)

simply three
short words of caring–
I love you–
can change gray
thoughts and gloominess to sun
gold, brightening a face.


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Traveling Moonbeam

Written for:  The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #321

Words:  pretense, bulk, dearth, shock, possible, individual, jump, challenge, light, route, drug, teeming

This poem is an individual
moonbeam traveling lightly,
jumping and bouncing on a new
route where dearth
of enlightenment exists.
All possible stars, up to
the challenge, are urged
to join the pilgrimage.
This poem is a shock
to gloom,a silver spoon,
teeming with dreams.
No pretense, no drugs,
no bulky baggage of pre-
conceived notions or
secret potions, simply a moon,


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Music in My Life

Written for:  Poems of Garden Gnomes – Form Friday:  Rondeau

A rondeau (plural rondeaux) is a form of French poetry with 15 lines written on two rhymes. It makes use of refrains, repeated according to a certain stylized pattern. It was customarily regarded as a challenge to arrange for these refrains to contribute to the meaning of the poem in as succinct and poignant a manner as possible. The rondeau consists of thirteen lines of eight syllables, plus two refrains (which are half lines, four syllables each).

Soft jazz is perfect for writing
like setting a mood with lighting.
You can hum without distraction,
enjoying some interaction.
Your poems will sing as if gliding.

Music can be so exciting,
singing along so inviting.
Blues hold a spellbound attraction
music in life

If you’re out with your love dining,
and it’s champagne you’re imbibing,
in candlelight, feel reaction
to classical music’s passion.
See it as a silver lining.
music in life


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Are We Compatible?

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Chaucerian Stanza or Rhyme Royal
Posted by Frank Hubeny in Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft

The form consists of seven metrical lines with the rhyme pattern ababbcc. A metrical line has a pattern of accents that sound repetitive both within the line and between the other lines of the poem. Although poets often use iambic pentameter any meter is acceptable.

Can you make me laugh out loud,
to lift me from a saddened state
in which exists gray shadowed clouds?
Unblue me, I will not hesitate
to accept your company, to call it fate.
Abandoned joy is what I seek,
a rosy glow upon my cheek.

Accept my love of fantasy,
of unicorns and Wonderland.
To my reverence of purple, you must agree.
A sense of humor is richer than gold–
sarcastic, dark, or mimicry bold.
Are you able to laugh at yourself,
put serious thoughts away on a shelf?


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Turning Away

Written for:  Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads – Cruel
Toads! Presented for your inspiration is guitar hero Annie Clark, aka

St. Vincent

“Bodies, can’t you see what everybody wants from you?”


There are people
who are legally blind,
while others choose
not to see, not to move,
not to offer aid. What if
everyone turned their backs
on cruelty?


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