“the dragonflies”

Written for:  Carpe Diem Special #139, Santoka Taneda’s “the dragon flies”
Write a poem in the same sense, tone, and spirit as Santoka Tanenda’s


the dragon flies
perch on my kasa
as I walk along

© Santoka Taneda

Electric blue wings
Sun shines through stained glass
Dragonfly spotlights branch

© Sara McNulty


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Farmer’s Market

Written for:  Carpe Diem #694, Experience

Farmer’s market
Children play under sprinklers
Scent of home-baked pies


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Written for:  The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #205

words:  sing, deal, exist, call, craft, repair, frame, chance, billow, back, fiery, add

Ancient frame found by chance
in the attic of an abandoned house.
A particularly skilled craftsman
was called in to judge if repairs
could indeed be made to restore
the existing frame back
to its original splendor.

A fiery-eyed restorer agreed
to take on the project,
a deal promising large
remuneration. With black cape
billowing out behind him, he sang
Italian opera and sipped Burgundy–
all the while adding his special
touches to the task
at hand. A labor of love,
he declared, as the finished
frame was hung in a noted museum.
He became as well-known as
the lovingly restored work,
which he felt compelled to visit
every week.


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Witch Hazel

Written for:  Carpe Diem #691, Witch Hazel
Today our prompt is Witch Hazel … a unique bush with a lot of uses hidden in it e.g. health issues. I will try to tell you all first a little bit more about Witch Hazel.  The Virginian witch hazel or the magic hazel contributes the botanical name Hamamelis virginian. It is either a shrub or a small tree that sufficiently thrives in damp forest areas. The tree is very delicate and flowers that unfold in November and December. The branches of the magic Hazel for a long time are used as a means of divination; bark and leaves are strongly astringent and have a soothing and toning effect.
In general spiritual idea/thought is that witch hazel stands for: a part of yourself, who possesses ancient knowledge of healing; an aspect of your personality that can take either real or in a figurative sense of water.

Fine potion from witch
Facial skin sag?  Cheeks droop down?
A little dab firms


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Taking aTrip

Written for:  Poetics Aside #303
Write a preparation poem.

Two days prior, I pack
clothes, day before–
vitamins are duly counted
out and set in carry-on
bag. Travel size shampoo
and conditioner are packed
along with hand cream,
one lipstick, and one
eye pencil. Morning of trip–
quick shower, dress in clothes
laid out last evening.
Pack makeup, look around.
Pack medications in hand bag,
look around. Zip up suitcase,
check lights and locks twice.
Still do not feel ready for
airplane travel.

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In Captivity

Written for:  Poets United Midweek Motif~Captivity
YOUR CHALLENGE:  Describe a captivity in a poem using imagery and narrative story ~ OR, simply use captivity as a motif.

Her space grew smaller
and smaller at thirteen.
A prisoner in a cell
called home. Life and people
outside her window held
no  interest. Locked in
her safe space, she was
an unhappy girl.

Forced to seek help,
the girl gradually loosened
her bars of binding, finding
she could have a life–not perfect,
not without sacrifice–on a path
traversed by most people,
unless they choose bars
over freedom.


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Dog Play

Written for Margo Roby’s Poem Tryouts:
Meditate for a while on the last few days. During that time what small things have caused you to smile, or have made you think: Ahhh… all is good and right in my world? List them and meditate some more before choosing one upon which to focus your poem.

White paws hug
auburn face of pal,
a black nose
all you see.
Race, chase, and play tug of war,
dogs elicit grins.


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“soaking wet”

Written for:  Carpe Diem Special #138, Santoka Taneda’s, “Soaking Wet”

Write a poem inspired by Santoka Taneda’s, “soaking wet”

For today we return to the haiku of Santoka Taneda. As Chèvrefeuille shared in this month’sprompt list page, the poet spent much of his life wandering as a mendicant priest. And while he made many observations on the natural world – the loneliness and isolation of his wandering is a constant theme in his work. Consider this haiku, for example:

shigurete sono ji ga yomenai michishirube

soaking wet
I can’t read the letters
on the signpost

© Santoka Taneda

Puddle of water
Pool rising around my feet
My own tears streaming

© Sara McNulty



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Written for:  Mag #262


You scoff, all you little saplings.
Once, I looked as you do now.
My knots are wisdom
learned in the forest.
My twists are old wounds
suffered in battle.
It is your turn to save us.
It is your future.


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Stolen Sleep

Written for:  The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #204

words:  through, clay, burns, wild, end, sleep, dream, tongues, beginnings, powers, am, stolen

Stolen sleep burns
in wild dreams. I am through
with having no power
over beginnings or ends.
I am tired of watching
claymation figures talk
in tongues.  For one night,
let there be no dreams.


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