Who’s That Woman?

Written for: Poets United Midweek Motif~Mirror

You pull your skin
Back taut. You say,
I ought to have a face-
Lift;you know you will
Not. I see you try
To peer at me without
Your glasses. Your face
Nearly passes muster.
I feel soiled, not at
My clearest. So dearest,
Why not break down.
Clean me. Your skin
Will not change.


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Written for: dVerse Poets: Open Link Night (posted by Grace

Steamboat me down
A river. Blues cruise
I choose. Sazaracs
And juleps-cornbread
And gumbo. Starlight
My night as I stand
On deck and sway
To tunes, notes
Floating down
The Mississippi.
Gentleman steps
toward me-I see
Ghost of Mark Twain.

OpenLinkNight #192

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A Friend Grieves

Written for: Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads: Poetry sharing

A friend grieves
for a loss-a lone leaf
of a fully blossomed
maple at onset of Autumn.

A friend grieves-
one tear in a pool
overflowing with
salted waters of sorrow.

A friend grieves-
Heart an empty shell
in blue-black indigo
of a raging ocean.


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Written for: The Twiglets #16-Those Grapevines

White House wreathed
in grapevines, bright
purple, centers gleaming-
spotlight of sun.


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“The Greenland”

Written for: TheSunday Whirl, Wordle #

Words: green, furnish, after, orange, mouse, bell, penguin,lead, tray, board, bag, disk

You must go see “The Greenland”,
newest animated movie populated
with mighty mice, and bell-
ringing penguins carrying
trays. Get on board
the Leader’s locomotive.
Rain or shine tours,
on fully furnished
with burnished orange
leather seats-each passenger
is entitled to one bag
of goodies for munching.
Better to see this new
film in a large theater,
however, if you cannot
get there in running time,
after a short time,
“The Greenland” will be
out on disk.


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Boating Party With Monet

Written for:  dVerse Poets-Meeting the Bar With Impressionism   (Posted by Bjorn)

(See painting at dVerse)

Hazy ripples of blue/white
Reflect red sun ending
Day. Boating party drifts
Down river chopping
Water with knife-like
Cuts. Tired, sated,
They head back
To their cabin.
End to a perfect day.

Meet the Bar with impressionism

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In the Chapel

Written for: Imaginary Garden with Real Toads
Fireblossom Friday: Incongruity
Where setting does not match action or character does not match setting

Gusts of gloom blew,
seeming to follow mourners
inside the chapel. He lay
in a mahogany casket, looking
nothing like he was in life,
a few days ago, playing piano
for friends. Room was hushed,
when from the back, a burst
of shrill laughter dissolving
into giggles.


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Sporadic Posts

Hi Virtual friends,

The Purple Pen will be traveling, so posts and comments may be erratic.



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Written for:  dVerse Poets, “Amuse Me!  Take Me For a Ride!   (Posted by Lillian)
For today’s Poetics, I’d like you to think about amusement parks, carnivals, rides, cotton candy, state fairs. Dig back in your memories. Did you ever ride a ferris wheel? A carousel? Maybe you can evoke the madcap feeling of a place like this. Or use the idea as an extended metaphor. In any case, amuse us, take us on a ride! Get into the spirit of Riverview Park! Use your imaginations and have fun with this!

Horse goes up
horse goes down,
that’s my speed,
a merry-go-round.
Others get kicks
from ferris wheels,
cyclones, and parachutes
I’ll have a hot dog,
some candy corn,
and to you dare-devils,
I salute.



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A Warm Smile

Written for:  Poets United Midweek Motif~The Kindness of Strangers
Your Challenge:  Write a new poem that draws attention to the kindness of strangers.


These Strangers in a foreign World
                            by Emily Dickinson

These Strangers, in a foreign World,
Protection asked of me —
Befriend them, lest Yourself in Heaven
Be found a Refugee —

In the realm of possibilities,
a stranger can become a friend.
Pretend you are that new kid
in school, every face unfamiliar
to you. One smile, a word or
two, and you can ease another’s
fears. In the realm of possibilities,
you may be the stranger.


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