“glimpse of dawn”

Written for:  Carpe Diem #525 Buson (5), “a glimpse of dawn”

the night almost past
through the white plum blossoms
a glimpse of dawn

© Buson

Blind slats peek open

From my bed a soft pink light

Night has changed to day

© Sara McNulty

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Celebrating Country

Written for:  Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #44, Sho-u “spring in our country”

in the centre
Mount Fuji towers up:
spring in our country                                (Sho-u)

lovely as our prized haiku
evolving through centuries                              (Sara)

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The Grand Granada Cook-off

Written for Creative Bloomings, “It’s A Day”
As we wind down to the final days of “Camp”, today is an Event Day! What day is it? Invent a special celebration for today and write a poem about it. “Packing” Day? “hashtag” Day? Make it a day and poem!

We all don aprons on this day
to cook whatever food we want.
The counselors taste and get to say
which dish is most piquant.

Meatballs rolled in potato chips,
which Whitey then deep fries.
Cody invents a brand new dip
with ketchup and Eskimo Pies.

Each dish has a name, but no
ingredients are divulged.
Counselors announce first prize goes
to Charlotte, whose blue eyes bulge.

The signature dish was a strange entrée
to campers and counselors alike.
No one expected Snake Soufflé;
not a counselor slept that night.

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Must Be The Lighting

Written for The Mag #230



Mesmerized, they listen
through headphones
as the gold statue
in front of them
seems to take on
an otherworldly light.
Unaware of each other’s
thoughts, they would be
surprised to learn
that they all see
images of mummies
in their minds.

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Are You a Sucker for Punishment?

Written for Sunday Whirl, Wordle #171

Words:  blasts, shallow, whack, hallowed, skill, dabble, hunt, stained, thrill, unfolds, center, reveal

Do you dabble
in the dark side?
Hunt out horror
films where thrills
are revealed with skill,
behind each blood-stained
door? Do you wait 
on the edge of your seat,
as the tale unfolds,
trying to be bold
when a knife-wielding
demon of shallow weight,
in a hallowed hall, whacks
someone’s head off? Sure,
it’s a real blast when
the center of your stomach
knots, and you have to leave
lights blazing in every room
for weeks, while teeth chatter,
and you dare not sleep.

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“morning arises”

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, “Barrel of Monkeys”
We will link haiku together (renga). I will offer a start below. You will continue the chain, or you can start a new chain at any time.

morning arises
offering hope for the day
new awakenings                    (Walt)

rose petals brush away dew
golden finch splashes in bath     (Sara)

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Bear Countdown

Written for:  Creative Bloomings
A three stanza poem where the last word or line begins the next stanza. Any length on any subject. Just tie it together and head for the finish line.

My summer camp project
in an unfinished hulk,
and there are only five days left.

There are only five days left,
and you can’t tell my carving’s a bear.
Whittle away, I must.

Whittle away, I must
or my parents will not have a gift,
and there are only five days left.

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Cooking for Vets

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, “At Your Service”
It is our annual service day at camp. This is where we do something wonderful for someone else. There’s a camp for children with disabilities down the stream from us; a church camp up the road. On the northern end of the property there is an Assisted Living facility; the southern quadrant is a nature preserve. A mile up the road there is a mission which serves homeless veterans. Pick a group to serve and write a bit of your altruism into your poem.

On the fringes of camp,
we notice a different sort
of camper. They will not be
going home when the summer ends.
They have no home, even after
serving their country.

We complain about food at camp,
then imagine what it must be like
to have none–to go hungry,
which none of us has ever done.

We carry off a grill, some burgers,
hot dogs, rolls, beans, and potatoes.
We invite these homeless, ignored
heroes to join us. The day is spent
cooking for them, and listening
to their stories. It was the best
day we ever spent at camp.

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Visit from A Dragonfly (a Rispetto)

Written for Margo Roby’s Poem Tryouts:  content = form
Try a form you have never written in.  Pick a topic first.

A Rispetto has one or more stanzas of 8 lines, 11 syllables per line.
Rhyme:  abababcc

Iridescent dragonfly flew by one day,
colored green as creme de menthe, perched on heather stem.
Lilac-shade of heather added to display.
From behind glass doors, I watched this glowing gem,
wanted a photo but knew he’d fly away.
I stayed behind the glass, took my shot, and then
the dragonfly spread his green cellophane wings,
off to find more of the joys that life would bring.


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So Many Clocks

Written for dVerse Poets
This week I would like you to reflect on the subject of time or on clocks, which measure time. Use the subject in any way you wish. At least use either the word ‘clock’ or ‘time’ somewhere in your poem.

Grandfather clocks chime time
on the hour. There is something
soothing, reassuring, about
the finality of that last ring.
Cuckoo clocks have doors that burst
open, and batty birds pop out
and shriek. In a week’s time,
that sound could drive all traces
of sanity from a brain. Clocks
that ticktock aloud are loved
by some, who may find them hypnotic,
while others think of the sound
as robotic–a nettling noise like
the ping of a dripping faucet.
Digital clocks do not make noise,
but their lighting brings an eerie
glow to the numbers, and, if a power
outage should occur, they blink,
12:00, 12:00, 12:00 until reset.
So many clocks, so little time.



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