Granada Gala

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, “Camp Dance; Summer Romance”
We’re winding down this month of camping. And we always celebrate it with the Camp Dance. Maybe we met new friends and earned new infatuations; maybe we re-kindled old acquaintances. Either way, we want you to write a summer romance (love) poem.

Cody asked Charlotte if she’d like to dance.
Charlotte had thought she did not have a chance,
’cause Marsha posed like a movie star,
batted long lashes at him from afar.
Beth had eyes of cobalt blue,
and jet black hair in a fancy do.
Cody and Charlotte danced all night;
they later star-gazed by firelight.
With only one week to go until camp’s end,
they were inseparable, rounding each bend.
The two exchanged addresses, pledging to write
every day of their love so bright.
Cody gave Charlotte a wood-carved rose;
they swore they’d marry, but you know how that goes.

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The “S” Word

Written for:  The Daily Post at, “Can’t Watch This”
When was the last time you watched something so scary, cringe-worthy, or unbelievably tacky — in a movie, on TV, or in real life — you had to cover your eyes?

Out in my friend’s back yard,
sipping a glass of wine, while
our dogs played, and munched on ice
cubes. My dachshund had disappeared
from sight, only to march up
from below the patio, swinging
a snake from his mouth, like
a circus master. Coward that I am,
I ran inside, while my friend tried
to get the determined dachshund
to drop his prize. I hid my eyes
until the offending reptile,
quite dead, was dispatched by
my husband.

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Escape from Camp Granada

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, “Scavenger Hunt” 
Today’s camp activity is a scavenger hunt or sorts. A camp wordle to keep you occupied for a bit this morning/afternoon/evening… Use some or all but fit these words into you poem. 

Words:  sign, bear, lantern, hunting, trail, nature, canteen, escape, log, magnificent, home, vacation, stones, howl, water

We scoffed at the idea of a scavenger hunt,
but needed a vacation from camp,
with its whistles, counselors, and rules.

We were no fools, and split off from the group,
carrying a bag of red stones, collected
on a nature hike, to mark our way.

Magnificent day for an adventure.
Just in case we lost our way, and night fell,
we took a lantern for the dark.

Three smart boys even remembered to fill
our canteens with plenty of water.
Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Crossed long logs over streams,
devoured candy bars we had hoarded,
and found ourselves in new surroundings.

After bounding over the last log,
we stumbled over a piece of metal.
I turned it over. It was a sign.

Yellow lines of caution, “Beware of
Bears, and Poison sumac. Whitey fell
right into the lap of poisonous leaves.

“Oh Jeeez,” Cody yelled, and pulled him
out. Too late. a rash was already
stenciling his legs. I suggested we go back,

and right at that exact moment, a howl
resounded from deep in the woods.
We froze, our toes like lead.

turning around, we saw another sign
that said, “No Hunting.” Figuring
it wasn’t meant for bears, we ran,

fast as we could stand it, drinking
from our canteens on the fly. Red
with bites, sweating and scratching,

we finally made it back to Home Sweet Home,
Camp Granada, where all the kids
and counselors were out to greet us.

At least we looked the part of scavengers.

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In Another Life

Written for:  The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #170

Words:  passions, storming, without, jump, hangs, hum, creature, forest, magic, words, thrive, while, swarm

Words of the magic creatures
who live in the forest,
thriving on nuts, berries,
and potions brewed for drinking,
ring in her head all the while
she goes about her mundane
routine, trying to keep her
spirits alive by humming. So sad
to go back to swarms of sound,
and people without the stormy
passions of her forest friends.
She hangs her paintings
of the charming creatures,
drawn from memory. Outside,
she sees a little girl jumping
rope to a children’s song. She knows
she should be grateful to be here
at all, having woken from a coma
that could likely have been
the end. Still, the words
of the magic creatures ring
in her head; she misses them.

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Sand Camp

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, “Renaissance Camp”
Pick the one place where you wouldn’t mind setting up “camp”. Replace the tent for a cabana, or the woods for a Hawaiian beach front. Give it a fresh face.

Above the sand and boardwalk,
a roomy efficiency, fully furnished
with all the amenities
needed for comfort. Coffee
and pastries for breakfast,
as we sit on our terrace
overlooking the ocean. We build
sand castles, collect shells,
and swim. Any activities
are open for all, but not
mandatory. In evening
by firelight on the beach,
we listen to the lapping
of water, roast some
marshmallows, and gaze
at the silver-studded sky.

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A Beach Triolet

Written for:  The Daily Post at, “From The Top”

Today, write about any topic you feel like — but you must reuse your opening line (at least) two more times in the course of your post.

Let me smell the salty sea air;
a beach is my place of calm.
Washed away with tides, all your cares.
Let me smell the salty sea air,
Jump over waves if I dare.
Atmosphere soothes me like a balm.
Let me smell the salty sea air;
A beach is my place of calm.

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Creature Discomforts

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, “Amphibians, Arachnids, and Reptilians”

The beauty of the great outdoors is in full view. The majesty of the hills and mountains frame the landscape. The tranquility of our lake calms and soothes.The cabins and tents are aligned neatly and with precision.

But lets not forget the critters and creepy crawly things that are found around the campsite. Write of the fauna and lesser creatures that roam our planet.

How can you sleep
knowing they creep,
fly, buzz, slither, and crawl?

Frogs and crickets vie
for most jarring cry.
Worse than that, mosquitos on the wall.

Outside of the campgrounds
far away from scary sounds
you can sleep without being mauled.

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Hide and Seek in Granada

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, “This and That”
Today’s poem takes its lead from paired combinations of words: Salt and Pepper, Hot or Cold, Sink or Swim, High Tide. Think of pairs related to camping or the Great Outdoors. In two stanzas, write your poem, one stanza inspired by “this” and the other by “that”!

We looked high and low,
poking our heads into the cabins,
standing in a dead heat
where the lake was alive
with mosquitos, but could not find
hide nor hair of our friend, Jake.

A light began to shine across
the dark water, and we spotted
a rowboat carrying Jake, accompanied
by a counselor who caught him
trying to sneak into the girl’s
camp. Boy was he in trouble!

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“cherry blossoms fall”

Written for:  Carpe Diem, Tan Renga #43, Cherry Blossoms Fall” by Shirao

flowers cherry
yearning fills my heart
when the candles are lit;
Cherry blossoms fall             © Shirao

a scattering skirt of pink
petals for a fairy princess           © Sara

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A Camp Limerick

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, “Survivor”
Do you have what it takes to survive? Yes, we are talking about camp food! This exercise requires your cast iron stomachs to look past the edge of your plate and write a camp poem – dinner style!

There once was a camp called Granada,
claimed their food was close to Nirvana
but the night we ate sausage
we all became nauseous,
and we’re grateful they don’t serve tostadas!

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